Junior Stage


1. Course Background

2. 39th Course Junior Stage Exam Analysis

3. Plan of Activities / Course Schedule

 1.      Course Background

The 39th Course started of with 50 recruited trainees, as per quota, from the following chain of islands:

–          Makin, Butaritari, Marakei Abaiang, North Tarawa, Maiana, Kuria, Aranuka and Abemam, South Tarawa (TUC) and Betio (BTC). A complete list of cadets can be sighted here (39th Course Cadets)

–          Banaba was missed out since they did not submit their candidates list on time

–          One seat for Abemama was not filled as the candidate they sent failed the interview.

Out of the 50 trainees, 9 could not make it to the end of the Junior Stage. The 9 dismissed cases involved the following misconducts:

–          False Identification – 1

–          Alcoholic consumption – 2

–          Swearing to staff – 1

–          Late back from ashore more than 15 minutes – 1

–          Possession of weapon (knife) – 1

–          Walkout from the training – 1 (family problem)

–          Failing 3 subjects, Junior Stage Exams – 1

–          More than 40 hours overtimes – 1 (Junior Stage)

2.      39th Course Junior Stage Exam Analysis

Junior Stage Exams started from the 05th July – 09th July and 19th July to 23rd July 2010. The following modules forms part of the 39th Junior Stage program:

  • FTCQM-T1                 Module 1, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  • FTCQM-T2                 Module 2, Basic Personal Survival Techniques
  • FTCQM-T3                 Module 3, Pole and Line Fishing
  • FTCQM-T4                 Module 4, Long Line Fishing
  • FTCQM-T5                 Module 5, Purse Seine Fishing
  • FTCQM-T6                 Module 6, Engine Knowledge
  • FTCQM-T7                 Module 7, Ship Handling
  • FTCQM-T8                 Module 8, Shipboard Operation
  • FTCQM-T13               Module 13, Japanese Language &
  • FTCQM-T14               Module 14, Human Relation and Personal Conduct. – Part of this module is the trainee’s daily routine, standing orders and discipline from the beginning of the course until the end of the Junior Stage (see Table II). Instructional lessons and exams are for the Senior Stage.
Analysis of exam results determines the course standard and that can be seen in Table I

3.   39th Course Plan of Activities and Course Schedule

Plan of activities and course schedule covers the whole 12 months training as detailed in Table III


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