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“TE KANEATI” is a crystal-like Baitfish skillfully cut out and beautifully carved from the inner shell of a ripe or mature carefully selected pearl. In the old days, our ancestors expertly hand carved Te Kaneati into the finest baitfish by means of secret methods passed through generations. Our legendary fisherman Teraaka had three different types of “Te Kaneati” namely Te Itabwene, Te Itikurere and Te Itabonibuka he used for different fishing approaches.        
Today, FTC offers three different fishing methods namely Pole & Line fishing, Purse Seine fishing and Long Line fishing to equip our carefully selected young I-Kiribati men with competitive skills to be able to work proficiently amongst the numerous fishermen worldwide. We consider them our “Kaneati”.
“Te Kaneati” in this site is a Newsletter published quarterly by FTC’s assigned editors for general public reading. 

Issue 1

Issue 2 , Issue 2 supplementary page


“Am Kaneati” is a weekly newsletter specially published for I-Kiribati fishermen serving abroad aboard Japanese Fishing Vessels. 


Am Kaneati#9


Am Kaneati#7

Am Kaneati#6

Am Kaneati#5

Am Kaneati #4

Am Kaneati #3

Am Kaneati #2

Am Kaneati #1


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