The Principal


Captain Rui Natake

Phone:             (686) 28024 extension
Phone Direct:  (686) 28506
Mobile:            (686) 98014,


 Principal Biography:                       
Captain Rui Natake has been the Principal of the Fisheries Training Centre since 2009. He attended the New Zealand Maritime School and is a graduate of that well known maritime school before the turn of the new millennium. He holds a Master Foreign Going ticket and also obtained his recognition from the same school as Mates & Master Class IV Examiner and Seafarers Assessor & Examiner. He was also issued with a Creative Teacher certificate, a nationally recognized teaching certificate, from the University of the South Pacific, Kiribati campus. Prior to becoming a principal, he worked as operations manager of a local shipping company, commanded a number of local ships engaged in local and international trades, served as chief officer of the Kiribati Marine Training Centre and as second and third officer of a number of German container ships engaged in international trades. Captain Natake’s commanding career is well known in Kiribati when he was assigned to deliver three newly Kiribati owned ships from foreign waters to Kiribati waters. 

 The Principal is the head of the institute and Administration  Department and is responsible to the Secretary of Ministry of Labour & Human Resource Development for:

  • The overall management, co-ordination and the conduct of the affairs of the Institute in accordance to the Kiribati Government Policy. He is responsible to the Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Human Resource Development and in close consultation with aid donors.
  • Regularly reporting to the Secretary on the affairs of the Institute
  • Approving the Institutes policies developed by the Management
  • Providing counselling to members of the staff and trainees when and where required
  • Issuing public statements and political responses/issues to the Secretary
  • Assisting the Secretary in representations to the Government, Foreign Aid Agencies and or other bodies of concern to the Institute
  • Ensuring that the Budget is properly used
  • Overall day to day administration of the Institute in strict observance of the National Condition of Service
  • To work in close consultation with the Marine Division on changes to legislations, conventions and codes that affects the institutes’ curriculum and operation.
  • To communicate with Marine Division and relevant bodies of new implementations introduced to the training and developments to the institutes that relates to standard of the Fisheries Training Centre

    Principal’s Resident Bikenibeu 2012

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