Intake Procedures


 The Principal and FTC Management should notify Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Human Resource Development, in writing that FTC is prepared to recruit New Course. This notification should clearly state:

  • The Course Number
  • Number of Entrants
  • Chain of Islands to recruit from, refer to 4(i),(ii)
  • Opening and Closing Dates of Registration
  • Intake Tests Schedule and
  • Course Commencing Date

Secretary is to issue a Clearance To Recruit in writing to the Principal of FTC. Upon receipt of Clearance, FTC Principal and Management are to advise the Mayor and Clerks to concerned Island Councils that Registration is open to their interested young men.


 FTC is to advise the Mayor and Clerks to Island Councils, by advertisement on Radio Kiribati or any other available means, to open their Register for interested applicants to sit the FTC Entry Tests. Registration should be opened for a period of not less than Two Weeks from the time the first advertisement was announced on the radio.

After Registration is closed, Mayor and Island Councils are encouraged to carry out the first screening, selecting their most suitable candidates to sit the FTC Intake Tests. (Refer to guidelines in 3, Eligibility)


To eligible to sit for FTC Intake Tests, candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • must be not younger than eighteen years old at the time of registration
  • must be not older than thirty years old at the time of registration
  • must have completed Class Nine or Form Three Junior Secondary School Education and should posses the original certificates
  • must have a clean police record or Police Clearance Certificate valid for at least six months at the time of registration
  • must be medically, physically and mentally fit

  The following candidates are not permitted to sit for FTC Intake Tests:

  • Dismissed Trainees of FTC or MTC
  • Dismissed crew members of Foreign Fishing Vessels employed by recognized Recruiting Agencies or SPMS vessels
  • Crew members of Foreign Fishing Vessels or SPMS Vessels awaiting re-employment
  • Former Graduates of FTC or MTC holding FTC or MTC certificates
  • Applicants with false identifications

However, former FTC trainees dismissed but permitted to sit for future courses must have a Withdrawal Form (QM Form K) completed and signed by the trainee concerned and the Principal but this permit does not relieve the Island Council’s right and obligations to decide on their candidates. The Island Council still holds the right to decide on whom to sit for Intake Tests. Deferred Trainees are to consult FTC Instructors to confirm their acceptance to join the Course without sitting the Test.

  1. 4.   QUOTA

The number of entries may vary for each course depending on the demands by employers and to avoid a bulge in the unemployed graduates.

Intake is organized in turns between the two regions of chain of islands as follows:

  1.       i.        Region One (Northern Kiribati, Central Kiribati, BTC, TUC and Banaba)

Makin, Butaritari, Marakei, Abaiang, Eutan Tarawa Council (Tarawaieta), Tarawa Urban Council (TUC), Betio Town Council (BTC), Maiana, Kuria, Aranuka, Abemama & Banaba

  1.     ii.        Region Two (Southern Islands, Line and Phoenix Islands, BTC and TUC)

Nonouti, Tabiteuea North, Tabiteuea South, Onotoa, Beru, Nikunau, Tamana, Arorae, Canton Island, Christmas Island, Fanning Island (Tabuaeran), Washington Island (Teraina), Tarawa Urban Council (TUC) and Betio Town Council (BTC).

From the advice of FTC management of the number of trainees required for the new course, Labour Division is to calculate the quota for each island. The quota is determined basically by the population of each island in accordance with the most recent population census. 


At the end of the Two Weeks Registration, Island Councils are to submit their candidates’ name list to FTC for consideration and approval by the Academic Board. Submissions are expected to be no later than two weeks after the closing date of Registration.

Island Councils may send their name lists by fax (Fax No: 28506), airmail or any other available means using the prescribed List of Candidates Form (QMFORM H) in the Appendix. Towards the end of the two weeks name list submission, FTC Principal, on the advice of the Academic Board, is to confirm and acknowledge receipt of the List of Candidates to Island Councils.

At the same time, FTC Academic Board is to arrange Intake Test rotation with assigned Instructors for each island and the dates the tests will be conducted. When this is finalized, the Principal is to send Intake Test Notice to island councils. This could be in the form of Radio Announcements, Telephone, Telegrams or any other available means. The Intake Test Notice should clearly specify the following:

  • The Intake Test Date
  • The date FTC Instructor(s) will visit the island

Island Councils are responsible to note the arrival date of FTC Instructor(s) and Test Date on their islands. If there are any changes to the dates given in the Intake Test Notice, the Principal should notify the island or islands of such changes. No Intake Test to be organized for Island Councils whose name list is not submitted on time.


At least Two FTC Instructors should be assigned to conduct the Intake Tests. Instructors to conduct the Intake Tests should, by any means, not be related (including the spouses) to that island. They should be total strangers to the island.

Island Councils are responsible for the arrangement of FTC Instructors’ transports from/to the airport (shipping point) /rest house. FTC Instructors should be met by the representative of the island council who will escort them to the rest house.

Upon arrival of FTC Instructors, sealed Test Papers must be given to the Mayor or, in his absence, his representative to safeguard the papers until required for the tests.

Should the sealed Intake Test Papers is by any means damaged prior the Tests; the Instructor may cancel the Test if it is obvious that the paper has leaked out.


Since the minimum qualification for registration and to sit for FTC Intake Tests is Class Nine or Form Three Junior Secondary School certificate, Test Papers prepared are to that level. Test Papers consist of the following Three Parts:

a)    English                                   40%

b)    Mathematics                          40%

c)    General Knowledge             20%          


FTC Intake Test comprises the following three components:

  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Written Test
  • Interview

Physical Fitness Test:

Candidates who failed the Physical Fitness Tests are to be screened out and not eligible to sit the Written Test.

Eye sight:                   Not less than 0.6 on the Eye Sight Test level @ 3m distance Colour blindness is not accepted

Physical Exercises  Hand Grip                  50 kgf

Rope Climbing         5 m

Sit Up                         20

Press Up                    20

Pull up                        20

 Written Tests

Test Papers prepared are to Class Nine or Form Three Junior Secondary Education Standard as obtained from Curriculum Development and Resource Centre.

Mathematics comprises with:

  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Algebra and Indices
  • Trigonometry
  • Polygons and Shapes
  • Sets and Number Patterns
  • Statistics
  • Problem Solving

The English section consists of:

  • Essay Writing
  • Grammar
  • Translations
  • Fill in blanks

 General Knowledge:

  • Social Science
  • Common national knowledge and insight

 Some questions may be in the form of Short Answers and True or False with the exception of Essay Writing.


Interview questions are prepared by the Academic Board and approved by Management and the Principal. Interview questions are generally background information type questions. The main objective of the interview is to test candidate’s English communication skills and comprehension. Candidates may be asked to read and/or write English texts/passages as part of the Interview Test.

            1.9.   MARKING OF TEST PAPERS

Prior to marking of test papers, the Mayor/Clerk with FTC Instructors are to sit together to take a quick review of the test papers and answer sheets to ensure that they are all in order and answers to questions are correct. Any mistakes found should be corrected accordingly and initialized by FTC Instructor and Mayor/Clerk.

Marking of Test Papers is the responsibility of the Intake Test FTC Instructors under the observation of Mayor and Clerk or their representatives. Likewise, the interview should be conducted in the same manner.


Tests are carried out in the following order with passed marks given:

  1.       I.        Physical Fitness Test          Passed
  2.     II.        Written Tests                         50%
  3.    III.        Interview                                50%

To qualify to sit the written test, candidates should pass in all physical fitness tests. Candidates should obtain 50% in the written tests to qualify for the interview. If there is such a high number of candidates who passed the written test, selection of candidates to be interviewed is to be organized in the following manner, chosen from the highest score:

IPTable 1





















Where the quota exceeds 8, the number of candidates to be interviewed should be the Quota + 5.


Candidates are encouraged to obtain the highest possible marks in the written tests and interview, as successful candidates are selected by averaging the two scores. Selection of successful candidates is from the highest average scores descending to the number desired as per quota.

Upon completion of the Final result in the Intake, Blood Specimen from Selected Candidates and Standby Candidates, see Table above, are to be taken the day the Instructors depart for Tarawa, with the kind assistance of the Medical Assistant on the concerned Island. The specimen will be brought back and medically analyzed at the TCH Laboratory and from that results; candidates who are found medically unfit, will be automatically replaced by the first standby candidates according to the list. 

For easy contact of Selected Candidates in Tarawa, it is anticipated that candidates fill out the Declaration Form (QMForm J) correctly indicating their address and phone contact numbers if available.  

  1. 12.       STAND-BY CANDIDATES

It could happen that selected candidates may have unforeseen medical cases/histories, therefore Stand By candidate(s) is/are necessary.

Should the quota of an Island Council can not be met due to failures of all registered candidates in the Intake Tests, Interview or Medical Examination, replacement should be selected from the standby candidates list for BTC or TUC with the candidate whose island of origin is the concerned island. If no candidate from the list whose island of origin is the concerned island, selection should be made from the highest score in the Stand-by List.


Families and relatives are to pay for travelling costs (fares) of their boys from their home islands to Tarawa. Candidates should provide tickets and receipts to support travelling expenses. Where travelling expenses are supported and to the satisfaction of the FTC Management, re-imbursement of travelling costs may be approved that cover only the following:

  1. Air/Sea Fare to Tarawa
  2. One way Bus Fare, unless, otherwise transport provided by FTC
  • Airport/Betio Port to address as in Declaration Form
  • Bus fare to FTC (induction)

No reimbursement for

  • extra package or excess weights
  • outer island travelling expenses to airport or shipping point
  • lost of baggage
  • outfits and items specified in the acceptance form
  • insurance cover

Passage to Tarawa by selected candidates from the Line & Phoenix Islands is by sea only where they are expected to travel with the Instructors conducting the Intake Tests to avoid late entrance to FTC for Induction.


After normal Intake procedures carried out, selected names of candidates from all islands are to be compiled and endorsed by the management with a copy to Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development.

List of Candidates should clearly state the following:

a)    Candidates Full Name

b)    Date of Birth

c)    Highest Qualification

d)    Marital Status

e)    Home Island

The compiled name list of selected candidates is to be advertised on Radio Kiribati, not less than three times and no later than two weeks prior entry of the course. This will allow sufficient times for candidates to travel from their respective islands to Tarawa.

All candidates are required to present themselves upon entry date. Late entries are to be rejected but may, with the consideration of management, be approved if it is deemed reasonable and beyond candidate’s control to be on scheduled entry date.


The Orientation and maintenance for the newly selected candidates will cover a period of two weeks from the entry date. This will enables selected candidates to familiarize and adapt themselves to their new environment and with day to day maintenance works carried out aboard fishing vessels.  


On their first day at the Training Centre, the new selected candidates will sit a written test to logically be given their candidate numbers for identification throughout the twelve months training period.

  1. 17.       THE TRAINING & FTC Intake Special Award (FISA)

The duration of the course is twelve months where trainees are to undergo shore-school training and practical onboard training aboard Te Tia Akawa as scheduled in the Training Program. Trainees should pass academically in all training stages and disciplinary throughout the course in accordance with FTC Rules for trainees. Awards are to be granted at the end of the training to the most outstanding trainees academically and disciplinary.

The FTC Intake Special Award is a new award recently approved by the Management and Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development. This award is to be given to the most outstanding trainee (academically and disciplinary) nominated by the Academic Board based on the trainees performance throughout the training. The award is an extra candidate in the next Intake Test to the Island Council where the trainee comes from.

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