Calendar Year 2009

Feb 2009 38th Course Intake from Outer Islands
March 2009 Intake Tests South Tarawa and Betio
27th April 2009 38th Course in Campus, Commence of Junior Stage Training Program
12th – 17th July 2009 Independence Anniversary break
07th August 2009 Trainees participation in the YCL programme at Antebuka.
24th – 28th August 2009 Commenced of Mid semester Exam, end of Junior Stage
10th September 2009 Fishing Instructor Bauro Uerem attending Second Mate Course, New Zealand Maritime School
14th September 2009 Senior Stage begins
12th – 23rd October 2009 Class “A” onboard the Training vessel Te Tia Akawa
24th Oct – 06th November 2009 Class “B” on board the Training vessel Te Tia Akawa
07th November 2009 Visiting Marine Training Center in Betio to observe the Campus
24th October 2009 Deck Instructor Obeti Raatu attending Fishing and Safety Course, Santo Vanuatu
06th October 2009 39th Course Candidates Registration, Northern and Central Kiribati Group including Banaba, Eutan Tarawa Council, Tarawa Urban Council and Betio Town Council
09th October 2009 First Edition of Newsletter “TE KANEATI”
09th – 15th November 2009 Fire and Survival practical at Marine Training Center at Betio

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