Japanese Language

They can read and write Japanese Characters without any problems! They know it just like the ABC letters.

Japanese Language is taught at the Fisheries Training Centre since most of the trainees are employed by two major Japanese recruiting agencies, the Japan Tuna Corporation and Japan Marine Service Company Limited when graduated at the end of their training.

During the 12 months training, trainees learn how to read and write Japanese Characters like Hiragana, Katakana and some commonly used Kanjis on board Japanese Fishing vessels, especially words which are related to Personal Safety & Precautions like ; 禁煙 (kinen) which means NO SMOKING or Smoking is prohibited, 立入禁止 (tachiiri kinshi) which means OFF LIMIT or No Entry and so many others.

The Japanese Language Course Syllabus used at the Fisheries Training Centre was basically based on the materials provided by the Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship in Japan together with the inclusion of Japanese Fishing references which are professionally provided by recent Japanese and Kiribati fishermen who have worked on board Japanese Fishing Vessels. With the employment of a new Japanese Language Teacher, Atshusi Kato san in 2011 and Ayumi Zuzuki in 2012, through JICA, the trainees will be able enhance not only their language skills/knowledge but also the Japanese culture and custom. This will avoid Cultural Misunderstandings amongst the Japanese and Kiribati crew serving on the same boat.  Cultural misunderstanding cases were experienced in the past but with the introduction of Japanese cultures and customs into the Japanese Language curriculum, positive outcomes were reported with the declining of such cases. Along with those, Trainees also learn how to use Hashi or Chopsticks when they eat and not only that but they are taught different manners like what to do with their shoes when entering Japanese homes, restaurants and other places.

Want to learn Japanese yourself? It is easy and fun. Try it by downloading this Japanese Language Brochure and learn for free.

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