Fishing Department

Fishing methods offered at FTC is categorized into three modules according to different fishing techniques namely:

  • Pole & Line Fishing
  • Purse Seine Fishing
  • Long Line Fishing



Net Mending

Longline Floats

As part of training, trainees also learn how to prepare and maintain fishing gears apart from Fishing and Fish Handling. The theoretical part of the training is text book based while the practical aspects are taught by experienced fishing instructors. The junior stage covers most of the theoretical parts while trainees spend most of the senior stage with hand on the job training.With Senior Fishing Instructor as the head of the department he is responsible for ensuring that training resources are always at maintained ready for use at any time. With current number of trainees that reflects the demands from employing companies two fishing instructor posts are filled to cater for the needs of teaching in the field.

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