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With the enforcement of the STCW-F ’95 convention on the 29th September 2012, FTC Deck Department and Fishing Department has worked around the clock to map the institutes’ current standards to the convention to find gaps that needs to be addressed and to ensure that trainings offered to I-Kiribati fishermen the past decades are consistent and in line with the newly ratified convention. Through continuous hard work, FTC is proud to say that the school is in a well secured position to obtain recognition from the administration (Marine Division, Republic of Kiribati) and the IMO.

The Deck Department sees its mission in this fishery global change and therefore wishes to publicize the institutes competitive capacity in training experience fishermen that fulfills the STCWF-95 convention requirements and employers satisfaction.

FTC Deck Department offers the following Modules:

Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting

Trainees during a Fire Drill preparing before taking actions according to the Muster List. Fire Fighting outfits and equipments are funded by the Government of New Zealand through NZAids.
A more detailed outline of what FTC offers in Basic Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention can be sighted here


Personal Survival Techniques


Survival exercise with a Life Jacket and boarding the inflatable Life-raft. More on Personal Survival Techniques Course Outline can be viewed here.


Ship Handling,  click here for more detailed outline of this module.

Rope Work, Knots and Rope/Wire Splices. SBO Course Outline

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility. In accordance to Resolution 9 of the STCW-F ’95 Convention, FTC comes up with the PSSR- Course outline as detailed herein.

More Modules offered by the Deck Departments are as listed below:

Ship Handling Course Outline

General Knowledge

The First Aid component of the Course is delivered by the Kiribati National Red Cross while the Alcoholic Awareness and Family Recovery teaches Personal Conduct, drugs and abuse of alcohol with related problems…………………..


2010 Deck Brochure , Intake Brochure


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