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The Fisheries Training Centre (FTC) is a division of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development (MLHRD). It is a government owned Institute fully funded by the government of the Republic of Kiribati but also receive technical assistance and support from development partners. Since its establishment in 1989 up to 2006, Japan Tuna Fishing Corporation (JFTC) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) had provided financial assistance in the areas of administration and facilities. The former provided Instructors and administrators whilst the latter assisted in the upgrading of training facilities.

A new development partner, Japan Marine Service Company Ltd. (JMS) has provided some training facilities and a Japanese Teacher, Mrs. Yuki Watanabe, who assisted with the training of our young men in Japanese Language and Culture from the 03rd September 2008 to 28th August 2009. The beginning of year 2011 a new Japanese Teacher, Atshusi Kato san, was employed through JICA voluntary service.

The centre is specifically concentrating with Fishing Training Programs at regional and international level for young I-Kiribati men to be able to work onboard local and foreign fishing boats. Initially when established, on the 13th of March 1989, Fisheries Training Centre was under the umbrella of the Marine Training Center (MTC) in Betio. On the 6th of March 1995, FTC moved to current location in Bikenibeu occupying former Tungaru Central Hospital old buildings and operates on it’s own since then.

The First Course started with only 12 trainees led by three Instructors from Japan Tuna Fishing Corporation and assisted by three Locals. The first instructors involved with Fisheries Training were:

•Koori san
•Tokushige san
•Minegishi san
•Mr Tokaia Eritaia

•Mr Uakerita Kanoanie &
•Mr Benetito Teawaki

The Institute has been in full operation for over twenty years now and more than a thousand young men have graduated and employed aboard various Japanese and other overseas fishing Companies on different types of fishing vessels such as Purse-Seiner, Pole & Line and Long-Liners respectively. Currently, the 4oth Course is running with forty remaining trainees after ten dismissed cases as the institute is offering very intensive training and very tight discipline.

Amongst the major registered Recruiting Agencies, recognized by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, to carry out recruitment for employment with overseas fishing companies are:

  • Kiribati Fishermen Services (KFS)
  • Kiribati Employment Marine Services (KEMS)
  • Central Pacific Producers Limited (CPPL)
  • Central Pacific Maritime Agency (CPM)
  • Dojin &
  • OTT

Major Employing Companies are:

  • Japan Tuna Fishing Corporation (JTFC)
  • Japan Marine Service Company Limited (JMS)
  • Various Foreign Fishing Companies through CPPL
  • Kiribati And Otoshiro (KAO)
  • Taijin Kiribati
  • Marin Marawa & Others

With the enforcement of the STCW-F ’95 on the 29th September 2012, FTC Academic Board has come up with the following Fishing Vessel Personnel Course Syllabus Part A & B to align the institute’s curriculum to the convention.

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